IWAN Blasts Ghana Music Awards Committee Members

269515900_511397IWAN has taken a surprising swipe at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards catergorization and thinks the committee members don’t really understand dancehall and reggae music genre very well, Ghana Music.com reports.

“They say anyone who does reggae does dancehall music. So they create a category called ‘Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year’. I call this lack of education and the the highest level of misunderstanding. Someone sitting on Gh One ignorantly said Bob Marley did dancehall. Which dancehall song did Bob do?, IWAN posted on his Facebook page.

“Hypocretes and parasites. Enjoying reggae in their every bit of life but they can’t even properly award it. GH music needs more intellectuals not some huslters who happen to find their way to the top.

They think award is everything .. Blackman sense. Fire pon dem. IWAN is ready to give free tuition to the committee members on the difference between reggae and dancehall music.

Source: Ghanamusic.com