Jealous Princy vents over Harriet’s pampering

Barely 24 hours after Harriet was voted Queen of the Week, hell broke loose in the I’m in love with Bomaye reality show early Monday as ex-queen, Princy, vents on the new queen.

Interestingly, Princy is not happy with ‘unique’ treatment the King, Alex, is giving Harriet, raising red flags that she was unfairly treated during her reign.

Maybe she has a case because unlike her time where she had a bed and two pillows to herself, the King ordered that two extra pillows and a centre table be sent to the new queen’s room. He also asked that the curtains in the room be changed.

Alex was having bonding moment with his new queen when the ex-queen budged into it and confronted Alex for ordering the changes.

She argued that she didn’t receive that unique treatment when she was queen and wondered why the rules have been changed.

Obviously unhappy, the King did not take the issue lightly. He courted Princy to the confession room to talk the matter over.

After several minutes of interactions, the issue was resolved with ex-queen going down on her knees to beg for forgiveness which the King accepted.

The two sealed the issue with a passionate kiss.


Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu