Joe Budden Vents About Drake’s New Album

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Drake was able to push over a million units of his new album, “Views,” however not everyone is sold on her latest music. In fact, Joe Budden feels Drake is lacking as an artist these days. In his latest podcast, Joe Budden claims Drake has stalled as an artist and his new album is underwhelming.

And he actually feels like rapper 40 is putting out better material than Drake.

On differences between Drake and 40, Joe says:

“I think that kid on that album that I just heard sounds real f*cking uninspired. That’s what I think!

“I think that music is real good. You can’t fool a real n*gga. You can fool them. You can fool the people that are not paying attention. That music sounds good and I enjoyed it. I played that album all the way to DC, all the way back, triple times. 40 you sound amazing. 40 continues to progress. Drake, you do not.

“I said the other day on this podcast, I miss the Drake that starts the waves, not hops on other waves. I miss the Drake that pushes the agenda, not let the agenda push him! Big difference between Drake and Hov while they both at the top.”


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|