John Dumelo featured in Vogue Magazine (PHOTO)

Times have changed and Nollywood has blossomed to ever new heights with celebrities being coveted all over by Magazines for front cover photo-ups, with the recent beneficiary none other but Ghana ace John Dumelo.

His rise was phenomenal courtesy of the epic Abdul Salam movie “King is Mine” in which he featured as a king who wielded so much power and yet found a male child to inherit the throne in his absence elusive. For the majestic way with which he acted in the role assigned him, John continued to rise in fame and has become a household name across the length and breadth of homes where African Movies is the staple of the day.

In advancing his ever rising fame, John launched the JMelo clothing line after the successful launch of jewelry and makeup lines respectively and is aggressively expanding the brand here in the United States.

Expressing his view about the direction of the movie industry, he simply had this to say;

“We need to become more international.”