K. K. Kabobo To Be Ordain As Reverend Minister

Fabulous hi-Life musician, Kwabena Kwakye Kabobo popularly known as K.K. Kabobo is said to be ordain a Reverend Minister this coming Saturday, April 14 this year.

Speaking to The Moment and Modern Ghana’s Nana A. Agyei-tripple last Tuesday, K.K. Kabobo, now Reverend K.K. Kabobo said it’s a dream come true to serve God for he (God) is the beginning and the end. “One of our hominid responsibilities is to bear much fruit, bring glory to God.”

Continuing he said, the fact that am a reverend minister now does not mean am going to quit music, am a musician and will use music as a tool to power the society since 96 per cent of our life is music.

But will be chary the kind of shows I perform. For Instance “Onyame Ehuwo” is great songs that caution the world about the coming of Jesus Christ-K.K Kabobo.

Nyatse Nyatse man said most of the so-called pastors of today, “do not preach or teach about the gospel of Christ and we are fed up with the empty rhetoric of some pastors in the african continent, and it’s a shame.”

In addition, he noted that “A man, who is good enough to go to heaven, is good enough to be a reverend minister, once, when a Reverend Minister sneezed, men half a world away would blow their noses. Now when a Reverend Minister sneezes nobody else will even say ‘Bless You,” he shamefaced, emphasizing he does not have any problem with some men of God who are destroying the gospel only that, as far as he is concerned those who destroy the word of God will be judge one day.

K.K Kabobo explained a Reverend Minister /a Priest as one especially consecrated to the service of a divinity and through whom worship, prayer, sacrifice, or other service is offered to the object of worship, and pardon, blessing, or deliverance is obtained by the worshiper. In earliest history the functions of priest were discharged by the head of the family; later the office became a public one, in many instances associated with that of the sovereign.

He cautioned and advised upcoming pastor to take steps to have a fair knowledge of the industry before venturing into it. “The pastors themselves, those who are coming into the profession; they have to know the impartiality, the boundaries and other things in the profession before they make a fuss of themselves in it,” he opined.

His song, Onyame Ehuwo was declared song of the year in 1992 and it also recorded the uppermost number of records sold in Ghana that same year. He has nine albums to his credit and is expected to drop his tenth soon. K.K. Kabobo is currently a member of the Professional Musicians Association of Ghana (PROMAG) and also a board member of the copyright management team.

He taught as a pupil teacher for two years before starting life as a musician – He established his first band, Explosive Jets, in 1978. In 1981, he dropped his first album which had the smash hit, Nyatse Nyatse (Girl). The 51 year old musician said he currently has eight kids and says, “If God says I should have more, I don’t have any option. If God tells me charley, you need more; I don’t have anything to say.”

His dexterity on the intruments ensured that he backed artistes such as, Nana Kwame Ampadu, Akosua Agyapong, Kofi Sammy and Dr. Paa Bobo

Last but not least, Rev. K.K Kabobo respectifully invite the general public to the ordination of veteran Ghanaian hi-Life musician, K.K. Kabobo as a Reverend Minister at the Covenant Mission Bible College, Accra, near the Achimota hospital bus stop on Saturday April, 4th at 8:00 am prompt.