Kanye West Takes Credit for Interracial Relationships, Again

Kanye West

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kanye West is doing interviews again, and he’s once again suggesting his relationship with Kim Kardashian has made interracial relationships more acceptable.

Kanye called into Steve Harvey’s radio show recently and he opened up about a lot of topics. But it’s his comments on interracial relationships that has some scratching their heads.

He says:

“I think the defense of my wife came from a number of layers. A number of levels that didn’t have to just do with a rap community feeling like they can disrespect her in a number of ways because of anything they seen or heard in the past. It ain’t just that. It’s the fact that she’s breaking so many boundaries on so many levels.

“You can’t give me an example as popular of a mixed couple. And I’ve got friends who have white wives that before there was a Kimye, they would go to an amusement park and people would be talking down to them, treating them a certain kind of way. She broke boundaries with that. She also broke boundaries in fashion where designers weren’t trying to make clothing for women with shapes. So now they’re really about embracing and empowering women.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles|urbanbellemag.com