Katawere cautions, “vote for the right leaders”

kataAce actor, Ebenezer Donkor, popularly known as Katawere in the movie circles and Agya Afari in the Efiewura TV series, has urged Ghanaians to be very critical in choosing their leaders.

In an interview with Vision FM’s entertainment show host Kwame Dadzie on Arts and People, Katawere indicated that even though he thinks no political party can solve all the problems of the people, he believes if Ghanaians choose the right leaders, their problems will reduce.

“As for me, I won’t tell you where I stand but when elections are due, you would surely know where I belong. All I want to tell Ghanaians is that they should really think well before choosing people they want to govern them,” he said.

The 75 years old who began his acting career in 1974 said that being a star comes with a good feeling, “Oh, this work has helped me! At least I don’t starve and when I get out there, the way people hail me makes me feel happy and swollen–headed.

I don’t see anything stopping me from doing movies. Until I die, I am not going to stop,” he told the host.

Katawere also disclosed that the name Katawere is actually the name of a deity that is very powerful but was quick to add that he is not a litigant as he portrays in most of his movies, “If you thought I was that hard, then you are mistaking.

And I am very soft, unless you come and taunt me or step on my toes. Other than that Katawere is a very cool and calm person.”

He plays the character Agya Afari on TV’s Efiewura series and has starred in movies such as Masqueraders, Katawere in America and a host of others.

Source: Flex Newspaper