Kdei: Beware of long distance relationship

imagesIf there is one thing that highlife singer, Bisa Kdei, will never encourage anyone to go in for, is long distance relationship. This is evident in his latest work, Distance Relationship where he advises people to be wary of such unions.

Based on a true life story, Distance Relationship which features upcoming artiste, Medikal, talks about how an ex-girlfriend he (Bisa Kdei) trusted betrayed his love by dumping him for another guy because of the distance.

He sings about how he had travelled to the US to seek greener pastures to make life better for himself and his ex-girlfriend referred to as Florence in the song. While he was hustling abroad, Florence was two-timing and to add insults to injury, Florence spent the remittances he sent to her on her boyfriends.

Bisa Kdei is noted for singing on his previous songs such as Odo Carpenter, Azonto Ghost, Baba, Over and Metanfo but he takes a different twist on Distance Relationship when he spiced it up with some raps.

Touching on his new song in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Bisa Kdei  said he wouldn’t advise anyone to get involved in a long distance relationship.

“I have been there before and I know what I am talking about. Long distance relationships are not something I will encourage my friends or any family member to engage in. It is better to have your partner around you all the time” Bisa said.

The Odo Carpenter hit maker said he would be embarking on a nationwide tour soon to give his fans all over the country the opportunity to watch him live in performance.

“I haven’t been close to my fans and I know they are waiting to interact with me and I will do that on this tour.

He is currently working on his second album which is scheduled for release in December this year.