Key actors star in “Mallams and Pastors”

Liwin, Funny Face and Ekow Smith Asante

Liwin, Funny Face and Ekow Smith Asante

From 2009 to now, each year Globe Productions educates and entertains over 3, 000 people with its quality, life touching, and family oriented stage plays.

This number has grown over the years. Last year a total of 8,000 patrons watched our 3 exciting and hilarious plays namely What Can Come Can Come, Divorce or Suicide and Thank God for Idiots.

The growing interest of people and the positive impact of our plays on them have necessitated and motivated Globe and its playwright Latif Abubakar to continue with the tri-annual plays.

This year’s tri-annual plays begin with a humor-laden, music infused and dance electrifying stage play dubbed Mallams and Pastors. It’s a story of a power drunk presidential candidate who tries to manage the stress of wining political power in an election year alongside overturning a deadly prophecy by one powerful man of God.

In the process of doing that he employs a house boy who later dramatically reveals secretes which changed the destiny of the politician and some powerful men of God.

Mallams and Pastors is the new thrilling and must watch play by Latif Abubakar and Its brought to you by Globe productions: experience the best. It features talented comedian and actor Kwadwo Nkansah aka LiWin, FunnyFace and Ekow Smith Asante.

Latif Abubakar over the years due to its quality and educative plays has chalked many successes and recognitions. A few are an interviewed on BBC world service on the resurgence of theatre in Ghana and the nomination of his play in the Best Play Category in the 2014 Ghana Movie Awards.

Also, his play The Second Coming of Nkrumah was adopted by Government of Ghana and staged as part of the country’s independence anniversary celebrations in 2014 and the Pan African movement also adopted the same play and staged it as part of their 8th Global Pan African Congress in 2015.

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Source: Ryhme Sonny|ghanaweb