“Kill The Beat: Become a Star” TV reality show to hit your screen soon

imagesFor those who have been marginalized and have not had the chance to contest in any musical reality show in the country due to their age, this is the opportunity for you to showcase your musical talents.

“Kill The Beat: Become a Star” television musical reality show, which will be hitting your screen soon, has five musical categories: Highlife, Hipop/Hiplife, Reggae Dancehall, Gospel and Classical Music.

Unlike the other reality shows in which all the musical categories have been jammed up and as such contestants and the public do not differentiate who sings what song, “Kill The Beat: Become a Star” has separated these categories to ensure that talents in each category is unearthed.

Each of the category will produce its own winner.

To be screened on various TV stations across the country, the reality show aims at unearthing talents not only from the youth who are entering into the music industry but also the aged who may have had such talents but due to lack of opportunity to exhibit them, they may die with it.

This one has no roof sealing for gender and age and as such every Ghanaian is entitled to storm the various auditioning centers to try their luck of becoming the next music star in any of the categories enumerated above.

With “Kill The Beat: Become a Star” reality show, an audio CD with several instrumentals on it is given when a contestant purchase the audition forms. A contestant is to select one of the instrumentals, rehearse with his or her own lyrics before the audition day and then come to the audition venue to perform.

The Chief Executive Officer for Trinity Business Consult Ltd, the organizers of the event, Raymond Koomson, was upbeat about the show.

“Several of these musical reality shows are already being aired on our various TV stations and they are doing well but ‘Kill the Beat: Become a Star’ has come to tackle the challenges that have engulfed those already in session. Most winners in the already existing ones do not come back into the real music industry as commercial products and it is either the judges get it wrong or the people”.

“Kill The Beat: Become a Star” will be shown on TV stations such as Viasat 1, Angel TV (on Multi TV) and Kantanka TV.

Regional auditions are as follows:

9th-10th October, 2015-Radach Hotel, Tamale which will receive applicants from the three Northern Regions, namely, Northern, Upper East and West Regions and the audition forms can be purchased at Radach Hotel, Fiila FM and Bishara Radio all in Tamale.

16th-17th October, 2015-Sunset Hotel, Kumasi and is expected to receive applicants from the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions and the audition forms can be purchased at Sunset Hotel and Angel FM in Kumasi while those in Brang Ahafo can purchase the forms at Nananom FM, Goaso.

23rd and 24th October, 2015-Viana Beach Resort, Takoradi and is expected to receive applicants from Central and Western Regions and audition forms can be purchased at Radio 360 and Viana City Beach Resort in Takoradi.

30th 31st October, 2015-La Villa Boutique Hotel, Osu, Accra and is expected to receive applicants from Greater Accra, Eastern and Volta Regions and the audition forms can be purchased at La Villa Boutique Hotel, Osu, Accra, and the offices of Viasat 1, Angel TV and Kantanka TV.