Kontihene resurfaces; drops new single ‘You Go Pay’

After almost four years away from the spotlight, one of the most popular hiplife artistes of his time, Kontihene has announced his arrival back to the music circuit with a controversial single titled ‘You Go Pay.’

Kontihene, real name Emmanuel Nana Appiah Boateng, burst onto the scene in the early 2000s and attained instant success with his debut album, Nyankonton, which had hits like Akatasia and Asesa. Akatasia won him the topmost award at the Ghana Music Awards at that time, Song of the Year.

His next album was Nsoroma and although that did not make much of an impact, his last album Krohinkro in 2007 got him several nominations at the 2008 edition of the Ghana Music Awards.

His songs like Effeh, M’adamfo Pa Beko, Migizigi, and Africa Mama still receive airplay on radio.

Kontihene dropped off the radar after Krohinkro amid reports that he had relocated to the United States. Recently rumours around town claimed that he has become a born again a preacher.

According to sources, he was preparing to join the likes of K. K. Kabobo of Onyame Ahu Wo fame (who recently passed out from a theological institute as a pastor); Lord Kenya who is an evangelist and Ofori Amponsah.

But speaking on Adom FM’s Brunch Time show, Work and Happiness on Wednesday July 4, Kontihene debunked those rumours saying he took a break from active music so he could study the current trends in hiplife and make an informed decision on the way forward for his career.

He noted that “when you reach the peak of your music career, it is good to stay on the fence and allow new entrants to also show their worth so that you can truly appreciate the diverse talents and strategically position yourself before you release another song.”

It looks like the right time has arrived for this talented star who says he expects his new single to relaunch his career in a big way. You Go Pay was recorded in the UK and Kontihene said he chose that title to remind Ghanaians that we are all responsible for our actions and inactions and that we will one day pay for whatever we do.

The song highlights some of the immoral acts that are plaguing the Ghanaian society in recent times like politics of insult, promiscuity among others.

He also disclosed that even though he wasn’t singing during his time away, he had been busy writing songs for some Ghanaian artistes who are now making it big in the industry, but pointed out that some of the musicians he had helped over the years had not given him the credit he was due.

He said he was not perturbed about the lack of acknowledgement but rather saw it as his contribution to the development of the music industry in Ghana. He however urged his colleagues to shun what he described as the growing deceit that had crept into the music industry.

Kontihene also expressed his excitement at hearing Asem sample several lines from his old song, M’adamfo Pa Beko on his (Asem) new track, Bye Bye which features Kwabena Kwabena.



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