Koomusuo slams Big Akwes for portraying women as ‘cheap’

93874653_295Actor, Bernard Aduse-Poku popularly known as Koomusuo, has described comments by his fellow actor, Big Akwes that actors, producers and movie directors sleep with female actresses for roles as unfortunate.

Akwasi Asamoah known in showbiz as Big Akwes on RTV’s ‘Agoro Fie’ challenged movie producers to deny his assertion that they have been sleeping with actresses, adding that whoever comes out to deny, he will curse him.

“Whoever says producers do not sleep with actors should follow me to Antoa. I will curse all of them, and we shall see who will die. Directors and producers have slept with the ladies. I have had sexual intercourse with some of them, and I continue to do it,” Big Akwes’ declaration on RTV.

Responding to the claims on Radio Univers’ Brunch2Lunch with Abrantepa, Bernard stated that Big Akwes went too far., “a gentleman won’t speak in that manner. He has disgraced women by portraying them as cheap.”

Adding, “the platform where he made such comments is very wrong. I don’t know whether he was trying to be boastful or what. If it were elsewhere, he would have paid dearly for his utterances.”

He further indicated that, “already, there is a wrong perception about actors and for an actor to make such a distasteful statement is unwarranted.”

Asked how he (Bernard) would have answered the question, he responded, “I would have asked why he is asking such a question knowing that it’s an open secret that, such acts happen in every human institution.”

“But the way he (Big Akwes) said it made it seem you can take advantage of ladies just like that,” he said.