Kumawood stars are not supportive|Ellen White


Ellen White

Beautiful Ghanaian movie actress and producer, Ellen Kyei White has categorically stated that her colleague stars in Kumasi are not supportive compared to those in Accra.

According to the ‘Fault’ movie producer who was with Agyeman GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio last weekend, the Accra-based stars are more united and supportive than those in Kumasi. She said if one Accra film producer releases a movie, you will find most of the stars using the project as their whatsapp display profiles (DP).

“I congratulate the Accra movie stars for their unity in the industry. They really support their colleagues. Even when one releases a movie, you will see most of the Accra stars using the flyers as their dps. If u premiere a movie and a Kumawood star is not featured, he or she thinks it’s not necessary for her to be at the premiere.”

Ellen holds the ambassadorial duty for the Burns Association of Ghana. She is currently promoting her new movie, Fault which was released some weeks ago.

Source: seancitygh.com