Kumawood warned over ‘English-speaking’ actors

imagesGhanaian movie producer David Owusu has cautioned Twi movie producers to beware of actors who predominantly act in English but have started switching over to Twi movies generally referred to as Kumawood.

According to him, some of the English movie actors are full of troubles and are the reason the English movie sector in Ghana is performing poorly.

If care is not taken, he said, they can as well collapse the local Twi movie industry.

“Some of these actors have sent some producers in Accra packing,” he told NEWS-ONE over the weekend.

“Twi movie producers should be careful of some English movie actors that are moving to Kumasi to shoot Twi movies. Some of these actors’ bad attitude to work on set contributed to the dwindling of the English-language movie production. Not obeying production call time, overcharging and leaving set with flimsy excuses are some of the bad behaviours Twi movie producers should be ready to receive from some of these actors; and I can mention names, but for one reason or the other, let’s reserve the names for now,” he added.

David said, “What has contributed to the success of the Twi movie business is the discipline of the actors. They are time conscious, they charge less and they care for the producers.

“They are not choosy with directors and crew. Where necessary, they compromise their status and lodge in low standard hotels to shoot. These qualities lack strongly in the English-speaking actors.”

He concluded, “I’m not against English movie actors going to act in Twi movies. I have even said it is one way to revive the movie industry but these actors should emulate the humble nature of the Twi actors and fellow Twi movie producers and directors should watch out for these English actors who will exhibit these bad behaviours and affect the Twi actors in the long run.”

David Owusu is one of Ghana’s young producers who always voice their opinions on very important issues affecting the industry and also offer possible solutions.

He is the CEO of Media5 Promotions and is credited with movies such as Deadly Obsession, Yvonne Nelson’s Tears, Die With Me, Odo Carpenter, Kaikai Soldier and others. He does both English and Twi movies and has been in the movie business for over six years.


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