Kwabena Kwabena On Private Life -I Am Not An Angel Nor The Devil

Highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena was obviously uncomfortable with Dzifa Smith at certain times on The Late Nite Celebrity Show last Friday.

The sensational hit maker had some wonderful time with the hostess; making some interjections with his guitar, but he was always uneasy when issues pertaining his privacy were raised by Dzifa Smith.

Though he had earlier stated on the show that he had “very strong spiritual beliefs”, he could not deny the widespread rumour that he is a smoking addict choosing to rather stay away from the topic.

“What it is, is that there are certain aspects of human that people shouldn’t waste their time discussing. The reason why I am saying this is, should we go into vices now? Dzifa ask yourself,(who will be innocent)” he asked in apprehension.

“Think about it. Dzifa think about it. Are we here to discuss vices? (And even if I smoke)so what?”

“I am not here to say I am the angel, and I am not here to say I am the devil. What it is, is that, I present myself as who I am.”

The 2012 GMA Highlife Artiste of the Year gave insight into his spiritual life ostensibly to downplay the negative reports about him in some sections of the public.

“I have very strong spiritual beliefs and what it is, is that I know since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal saviour, in everything that I do, I put him first.”

When the discussion on the show got more personal with his life, the silky-voiced singer gave-in to the heat and admitted that he has three kids with different women.

Though he denied having an affair with numerous ladies, the now married man confirmed the number of his kids.

“What? Six wives? As far as I am concerned, I am married to only one lady that I live with. Well it is true, I have three kids with three women.”