Lupita Nyongo look-alike and businesswoman crowned Miss Haiti 2014


The crowd was already chanting her name before 25-year-old restaurant owner Carolyn Desert was crowned Miss Haiti 2014 Sunday in Port-au-Prince. Already being touted as the ‘Haitian Lupita Nyongo’ perhaps based on her looks and her believes as a woman, Carolyn steadied the crown, decorated with crystals and tiny mirrors, as she acknowledged the standing ovation at the Karibe Convention Center and repeated a vow she’d made earlier in the competition: “I’m going to support the youth. I’m going to support women. I’m going to support the poor.”

Desert, a freelance writer and the owner of a Mexican restaurant in the upscale Petionville district of Port-au-Prince, is known for supporting artists and helping impoverished children. She was a favorite from the beginning. Her wide smile earned her a “most photogenic” award, and her eloquent response during the competition’s question-and-answer segment made the crowd of more than 400 people erupt in applause. She said Haitian women have more to offer than looks: “Perseverance, courage, resilience.” Desert will participate in the Miss World competition in London in December. She also will represent the country on trips sponsored by the country’s tourism ministry.

The event was hosted by actor Jimmy Jean-Louis


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