Lydia Forson Bares It All On “Meet The Girls In The Yellow House”

Times have changed and our stars are opening up on radio/tv interviews a lot lately. Much as most starsnprefer to wear a swag about and live the impossible lifestyle, Lydia Forson is not one you can point to.

She laid a lot bare on the show “Meet The Girls in the Yellow House” last Saturday morning. Having to
deal with weight issues, the ‘Perfect Picture’ actress said she was more passionate about being healthy
than being seen as obese.

When asked about her school days, it came to fore bashful Lydia came to class late but insists on sitting in front of the class. Memorable among her school days confessions was when she would raise her
hands to answer questions knowing very well she didn’t know the answer.

She told the ‘Girls’ on the show, it is important to be participatory and get taught than be shy and aloof. She is for viewers to encourage children to free their minds on subjects in class.

Don’t get surprised if you see Lydia always wearing her hair natural in a world where natural hair has taken a back seat. Largely due to laziness of sitting through braiding, the thirty-something actress prefers to color her natural hair.

Recounting one of her bad hair days, “a lot of my friends couldn’t make me out because I had a weave on on”. This left her sad and a sad goodbye to weave on’s unless for acting purposes.

“I like fashion but I buy with my head, so far as it meets my needs”, she replied to a question about stars wearing expensive stuff. She told the ‘Girls’ and tv audience she buys from all price ranges not
necessarily expensive stuff to please anymore.

“Meet The Girls In The Yellow House” airs on Saturday at 10am with a repeat on Sunday at 9.30am on Viasat 1 and is sponsored by MTN.