M.anifest and AB Crentsil sing for Clean Beaches

 15284591The song ‘Ye Wo Adze Oye (refix)’ is inspired by Crentsil’s popular highlife song of the late seventies.

If the influx of foreigner investors into Ghana to do business even in difficult economic times isn’t enough, the popular Fante phrase is a reminder of the innumerable and invaluable resources. It is also a reminder to the large number of Ghanaians who leave all the great things Ghana has, particularly the wonderful people, the vibrant cultures and the delicious dishes, to go hustling abroad for greener pastures.

This remake trains the lenses on Ghana’s beaches, stretching from the eastern border town of Aflao in the Volta Region, to Half Assini in the Western Region. The song is in support of the NShoreNa project, an initiative by a Ghanaian World Bank staff, Kafu Kofi Tsikata, to bring attention to his country’s beaches, highlighting local tourism and investment potential as well as stressing the need for a healthy and clean shoreline.

This is about valuing what we have and protecting it rather than waiting for someone to come and place a value on it for us, Tsikata said. ‘NshoreNa’ is a play on a local Ga (indigenous people of Accra, Ghana’s capital) word, which rhymes with and means the same as ‘Shore’ in English.

For more on the project and to track its progress, visit the facebook site: www.facebook.com/nshorena

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