M.anifest clears the air, Sarkodie is not my best friend

Speaking in an interview on Rhythmz A-Z on Joy FM with Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye Saturday, Ma.nifest said; “Nothing has changed. We were never best friends and whatever the relationship was before is still the same now,” adding, they are “musical colleagues”.

To him, there wasn’t any beef between them but rather “I think there was a bit of a conflict… philosophical differences being shared. I acknowledge things that go on [but] I just say I don’t feel the same way people feel towards these things… I don’t take it as world cup… when I feel something, I can expr

ess it, I express it through music and then I keep it moving.”

Asked why he didn’t respond to Sarkodie ‘Kanta’, the Afrocentric rapper revealed that “I don’t think I needed to. I was unaffected by it.”
M.anifest is set to release a new album, ‘No Where Cool’ on Thursday, September 8. The 14-track album is his major release since his last album in 2013.

Sarkodie and M.anifest

Sarkodie and M.anifest