Man Demands 24-Cow Bride Price On Finding Out Wife Isn’t Virgin

A man in Swaziland is demanding his bride price back

 He alleges that his ex-wife was not a virgin at the time of their marriage

His ex-wife, however, says he knew she wasn’t a virgin

A man in Swaziland is demanding his 24-cow bride price back after reportedly discovering that his estranged wife was not a virgin at the time they got married.

According to Gossip Mill Nigeria, Swazrtz Manyeva Dlamini has taken the family of his ex-wife, Ruth Thembisile Sibiya, to court to have his cattle back. Dlamini contends that Sibiya lied about being a virgin

However, Sibiya denies ever making such a claim. She also insists that Dlamini knew that she was not a virgin and that she was already three months pregnant on their wedding day.

Court papers reportedly indicate that Dlamini, who is a teacher, began his relationship with Sibiya while she was still his student in high school.

Sibiya reportedly writes: “After I completed school in 1995, Dlamini, who was far older than me, insisted that we get married but I refused to marry him since I wanted to pursue my studies.”

She also states that she met and fell in love with a man named Themba Thwala in 1998 prior to marrying Dlamini.