Masseur drops sexual assault claim against John Travolta

A masseur who accused John Travolta of sexual assault has dropped his $2 million lawsuit against him.

Court papers show that the unidentified man, one of two male masseurs to launch sexual assault claims against the Hollywood star, dropped his claims shortly after photographs and restaurant receipts surfaced, placing Travolta in New York on the day of the alleged Beverly Hills assault.

Speaking to Reuters, Okorie Okorocha, the lawyer for both plaintiffs, said: “The case has been dismissed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be refiled”.

Okorocha said the second masseur will continue press ahead with his lawsuit against 58-year-old Travolta, who he claims touched his genitals, rubbed his leg and tried to initiate sex at a private appointment at an Atlanta, Georgia hotel on January 28.

Travolta’s lawyer Martin Singer has vehemently denied the allegations in both lawsuits, calling them “absurd and ridiculous.”