Meet Lawyer ‘Ras Wayoe’ Of Bigbrother Africa Fame

He was the first contestant to be evicted when he represented Ghana at the fourth edition of Big Brother Africa – titled Big Brother Revolution in 2009 in South Africa but George Tetteh Wayoe, known more as Ras Wayo, survived in law school and was called to the Bar in Accra on October 5.

The dreadlocks he once sported have now made way for a lawyer’s wig. Lawyer Wayoe says he feels uncomfortable when people refer to him as Ghana’s worst performing contestant out of about the eight that have so far participated in the Big Brother Africa show.

“I was evicted in the very first week but very few people know that I was then contending with my first degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi.

Now that have I moved on and even acquired a professional qualification in law, I wonder if the perception still persists out there that I’m the least serious to have been in the Big Brother Africa contest for Ghana,” Lawyer Wayoe said.

Apart from law practice, the man is also into music. He has recorded songs about global warming , oil production and a patriotic piece for the national football team, Black Stars. That’s the very serious Ras—sorry, Lawyer Wayoe for you.

Source: Graphic Ghana