Misconstrued nature of PATIENCE

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Photo Credit: facebook

Sitting in the office, a little bored and upset; as the word PATIENCE crawed in my mind like a spider. it seemed very simple but rather complicated, since people we associate with are all from different walks of life with different understanding pertaining to what we may consider necessary to meeting specific goals. PATIENCE definitively can be interesting as all eyes my be fixed on a person being it unexpected yet expected watchmen.

Watchmen are those close relations, associates or those not related to us in this context. it is easy to assume your wife or husband is watching your actions, but not the random person at the grocery shop or on the street. However every action taken is being printed in the minds of the unknown until a situation arises.

“PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE” may be true in some areas, yet to what extent do you measure PATIENCE? or should it be circumstantial? The current trend of life, where speed and competition is paramount to growth, has displaced the true meaning of patience. In fact identifying PATIENCE is a challenge, as it could be misconstrued to be a likely weakness.

By Antwi Odrey