Miss West Africa Reveals the Blackstar Queen Finalists

Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 is only one month away from making a revolution in Africa’s world of pageantry, and for the first time, many will experience an outdoor beauty competition whilst enjoying the beautiful beach shores of the Next Door Beach resort on Saturday. 25th August.

This year, Ghana will witness the crowning of ‘The BlackStar Queen’, the titled theme for Miss West Africa Ghana 2012. The theme emphasizes on the Black Star of the Ghana flag which represents the people of Ghana. And as days get closer to Ghana’s elections, and with the passing away of president Mills, the organisation is in search for a queen that can put all cultural and political differences aside, work to unite tribal and political differences as well as promote the amazing beauty of Ghana and it’s people.

The Miss West Africa Ghana contestants fan base and support for the girls has already taken Ghana by storm and continually growing upon supporters of the contestants ethnic tribes. Where as before most pageantry support was built upon regions, a new twist from the Miss West Africa Ghana contestants has seen a dramatic wave of supporters showing more interests to whom shares the same tribe as finalists.

The work of the 14 Miss West Africa Ghana finalists has already began. Last weekend saw the finalists visit the Ghana Society for the Socially Disadvantaged centre. A centre that has long been neglected by the government officials, the churches and successful businesses. However, the managers have remain passionate and successful at creating an institution for the physically challenged that provides them with education, graduations, a place to live, and most of all, takes them away from a life of begging on the streets. Miss West Africa Ghana and it’s contestants have vowed to support this institution to the best of their ability and will provide more information about the centre and their participation.

The Miss West Africa competition exists in 24 countries, 18 within West Africa, and 6 abroad, and is Africa’s only queen of queens pageants. All crowned queens from each country including Ghana are then called upon to represent their region in the Miss West Africa International 2012 finals, which will take place in Sierra Leone this December. Our reigning queen will compete against others from countries such as Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Gambia and even foreign queens in countries such as UK, USA and Portugal. If Ghana’s BlackStar queen wins the next Miss West Africa International, she will be the successor to Vanny Reis (from Cape Verde), the current international queen, from Cape Verde, who is currently in the middle of her WeDoCare tour. Tickets for Miss West Africa Ghana now available at ticketdoug.com and other outlets on the website.


Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Emelda
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Fafa
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Fremah


Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Gifty
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Helen
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Jemina


Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Joycelyn
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Mawuena
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Millicent


Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Naa
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Olivia
Miss West Africa Ghana 2012 - Rejoice


Credit – Images by Nii Odzenma (Nfoningraphy)