Movie Africa Trains Actors for Free

About 40 persons will today, Friday, June 29, complete a two-week intensive crash training in movie making organized by Movie Africa Productions for free.

The 40 were taken through intensive training in film acting, editing, scriptwriting, directing, camera handling and shooting. The students were given hands-on practical training under the tutelage of professionals including Kobi Rana and Socrate Safo.

Movie Africa early this month announced it was holding a free training for persons who had interest in the above subjects and some 200 hundred persons turned up for the exercise.

“We could not take all the people so we screened them and shortlisted them until we had a final 40 persons. The idea is to help persons who have a passionate thirst to enter the movie industry but do not know what steps to take.

“Very often, such people get exploited by being made to attend auditions where they pay all sorts of persons who claim to be industry players but in actual fact are fraudsters with no track record.
We have received too many of such reports so we decided to do this as our social-corporate responsibility.

It has been very expensive but at least they have achieved something worth writing home about,” Socrate Safo, Chief Executive of Movie Africa, explained to NEWS-ONE when the paper visited one of the training sessions on Wednesday.

Mr. Safo expressed the hope that his outfit would repeat the training for a couple of more times until it became a regular feature.
When asked about the future of the trainees, Mr. Safo explained: “Not everyone who has a love for the movie industry is actually cut for that industry.

During the training it was obvious that not all of them were taking their lessons serious. Those who display some seriousness can stay to learn more and actually get themselves into the industry.”

Source: News One