Movie Prices Go Up By 40%

imagesMovie lovers will no longer be buying local movies at GHS5.00 instead at GHS7.00 it can  be confirmed  that prices of Ghanaian movies have been increased by 40%.

According to FIPAG PRO, Michael Kwaku Ola in an interview with host of Showbiz Xtra, Dr Cann on Happy FM indicated that the need to increase the prices of Ghanaian movie is due after selling them at Gh5 for the past 15 years.

He explained that the cost of production has increased beyond margin that has led to the augmentation of Ghanaian movies, “this is not the right to increase movies but our job is not good as it was. You can even count the number of movies that have been produced this year.

Adding, “all these are as a result of the increment in dollar. People struggle to get products to bring down here for our movie production because of the issue with the dollar.

Also, production prices for movies have increased to over 152%, and a survey has also revealed that it will continue to increase to 200% only for this year. Aside that, cost of production has increased.”

The new price of Ghanaian movies, GHS7.00 took effect from Monday, September 15.