Movie producer allegedly defrauds investor of $55,000

imagesElizabeth Osaikhuiwuomwan, a Nigerian female gold dealer who decided to invest into Ghanaian movies has allegedly ended up losing $ 55, 000 in her bid.

According to her, she was in Gambia when Venus films shot a movie titled ‘The bride Price.’ She fell in love with the movie and therefore decided to invest in it, but unfortunately she lost $ 55, 000.

Narrating her ordeal, Elizabeth said she did not give the money to Venus Films CEO (Abdul Salam Mumuni) but rather, one Gambian executive film producer called Larry.

Larry took the money in the name of Salam and the latter confirmed to her that he was working hand in hand with him.

“Just as I was struggling to get my money back, Adams Omar who happens to be the Director of Photography at Venus Films came to me as a brother and convinced me that he could help me make my dream come through. He asked me to provide an amount of $10,000 and when I did, he started playing tricks on me so I reported him to the Dzorwulu Police Station”, she lamented.

“When we got to the police station, Adams called Salam to bail him but Salam refused to appear so Adams called one business man called Don Pee who came to rescue him” Elizabeth continued narrating her ordeal.

She stated that just after Adams was bailed, he ran away from Ghana, so she took the case to court where Don Pee is currently being asked to provide Adams as soon as possible.

In a separate interview with Don Pee, he said the issue has got nothing to do with him but rather stood in for Adams because he is an industry person.

As to whether he has discussed the issue with Venus film’s CEO, Abdul Salam Mumuni, he said Salam is acting unconcerned. He referred to that as a sign of wickedness on the part of Abdul Salam.

The court is now asking Don Pee to provide Adams. According to Don Pee, he had already given Elizabeth an amount of GHC 3,000.

“We have twice been to Juaben Court over Adams’ case. On the third appearance, I wasn’t feeling well so didn’t appear in court. We shall appear in court again on May 20th, 2014. Currently, Adams is wanted by the police for fraud and I’m in court because I went to bail him and supposed to provide him as soon as possible”, Don Pee narrated.

He further stated; “It’s not really about paying the money, but I have no idea about what’s really between both of them – Elizabeth and Adams. I just went in to help a brother and to see to it that the problem will be solved amicably, but if this is how the brother want to pay me back for the good I have done for him, then I have no option but to let the police look for him since I have been asked to provide him.”

When Razz Newspaper contacted Abdul Salam Mumuni, he stated his company does not owe Elizabeth, but rather, the lady made complaints to him that she had been duped in the name of Venus Films just after he finished shooting ‘The Bride Price in Gambia.

“When we got to Gambia we were supposed to be hosted by one Larry who agreed to also support our production, but when we got there the same Larry duped us, and refused to fulfill his promise. So just as we finished shooting, Elizabeth came to complain to me that Larry took $55, 000 from her in the name of Venus Films” Salam told Razz Newspaper.

He continued that, if he was the one who took the money from the lady, why is the lady not calling for his arrest. Explaining why he’s acting unconcerned about Adams Omar’s case, he said he has nothing to do with that issue. “I just don’t know why people are asking me to go and pay for the DOP” Salam ended.

Razz Newspaper could not establish contact with Adams Omar for his side of the story because, he has since his release from police custody, disappeared into thin air. We are still following up on this story for any update.