MTN and RLG Did Not Sponsor Ghana Meets Naija….They Were Used For Gimmick Purpose

Before last year, GhanaSuperStars.Com longed for a day a grand musical concert which will bring Ghana and Nigeria together on one stage as it is happening in the movie circles of the two countries, until last year, Bola Ray’s outfit, Empire Entertainment, initiated the Ghana Meets Naija musical concert.

This year just saw the second edition of Ghana Meets Naija. GhanaSuperStars.Com gives encomium to Bola Ray and his team for another successful organization of Ghana Meets Niaja. All we can say is that, it should get better and stronger as the years come by.

Although some reviewers have described this year’s Ghana Meets Naija as successful, others think otherwise. While most reviewers touched on the show itself, we at GhanaSuperStars.Com inclined our focus to the sponsorship aspect of the show. It has revealed a rather disenchanting story all together!

A very deep investigation By GhanaSuperStars.Com into this issue has uncovered that, Empire Entertainment simply added MTN and RLG as their main corporate sponsors to the concert just to bluster the image of the concert this time round.

GhanaSuperStars.Com has in our possession, documents mated with voices/Video from a deep throat within Empire Entertainment’s camp. The fellow was so huffy at how they were unfairly treated by corporate bodies at the just ended Ghana Meets Naija. Text excerpts from the voice reads; “MTN AND RLG DIDN’T EVEN GIVE EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT 1GH BUT THEY WERE PUT THERE IN ORDER FOR EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT TO GAIN MUCH ESTEEM”.

The questions we at GhanaSuperStars.Comare asking are simple; what will make an event organizer brand its musical concert with two giant companies, MTN and RLG as sponsors if not for monitory support? If MTN and RLG did not give monetary sponsorship, then where did Bola get all the money to sponsor such an opulent and deluxe musical concert? Or should we say ‘RLG and MTN’ have much repute than Empire entertainment so the latter’s decision was right?

Till we release the audio and documents we have soonest; what is your take on this opprobrious revelation?