Must Event Organizers Bear All the Blame For Late Start of Shows?

Whenever a show starts late, event organizers are heavily criticized and subjected to various insults by people who are called panelists. Truth be told, some of these folks do not even know the amount of work that is put into making a show successful.

Even before such panelists get to run down the organizers almost on daily basis till their tired of talking, patrons dish out their insults first on the event venue to register their unhappiness about the late start. It is not only annoying when shows or events start two or three hours after the advertised time, it is very sickening too.

One thing that people still remember about the late Courage Quashigah, the former Minister of Health was that, as a Minister whenever he was to address at an event. To set example, he begins to start his address even if all the people who were supposed to be around were not around at the advertised time for him to address the gathering.

He was known as a man who respected time. I know you still remember that show at the National Theatre which was supposed to start at 7pm yet it took off at 9:30pm. I know you nearly left the auditorium dejected and promised not to attend such shows again.

What about the recent show you attended at the Conference Centre that started almost 10pm when the advertised time was 7pm? You again wanted to leave had it not been for your friend. One question that comes in mind is, why don’t shows start on time as advertised?

The just ended final of the Miss Ghana was advertised to start at 7pm but for whatever reason, it finally took off two and half hours late. I saw how dejected patrons were as the show was delayed. Some of the patrons willingly left whiles others sat down to watch the show.

When a show starts late, all the blame is put on the shoulders of the organisers.

Having attended many shows, it has emerged on many occasions that the problem is not from the organizers only. Patrons’ attitude to show is also partly to be blamed when a show starts late.

Even if a show is advertised for 7pm, patrons will be at the venue one to two hours late. So if the organizers are ready, should they commence the show without the patrons?

Why don’t we share the blame but rather shift it on the doorsteps of the event organizers? Why don’t patrons begin to respect time by turning up early and then when organizers start late, we can call them all the names we desire… If anything at all, patrons of shows are as guilty as the organizers.