My curves are natural – Barbara McCarthy

69637948Twenty-two-year-old Barbara McCarthy is one of Ghana’s promising young models hoping to attain higher heights in her chosen career.

Currently with the Exopa Modeling Agency, she has been in the industry for the last three years and featured on several major runway shows. She is also a lingerie model.

She speaks to NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo in this exclusive interview about her sexy curves, fashion and why she enjoys it when influential people in society watch her do her thing on the runway.

Is modelling an interesting job?

Yeah, I found modelling an interesting job. I have fun on the runway anytime. It’s interesting when you show your talent and people watch you. The part about going out there to do photo shoots and all the others are fun.

How did you get into modelling?

I have been modelling for three years now. I started with Spice Modeling Agency before I came to Exopa. I would say I was groomed at Exopa. At Exopa we were taught how to catwalk and other rudiments of modelling including how to do photo shoot among others. We wrote exams. If you didn’t pass you won’t graduate. We learnt different types of posing for photo shoots, table etiquettes and how to make up.

What was your first experience on the runway like?

I was not nervous because I took my rehearsals serious. It was my first runway show and I needed to prove a point. I used to be a very nervous person. One time, I tried to audition for Miss Malaika; I did well the first time. But the moment they selected a few of us for the next stage to face the judges, I became nervous and shy. I didn’t know what to do. But modelling has made me more confident today. Even when I wear bikini now, I am cool.

Would you say you are at the peak of your career?

I am getting there, because I don’t only want to be model but an international model for that matter.

How often do you get jobs?

It depends. Sometimes in a month some models don’t get any job. Sometimes it’s just once and even that, it’s an ushering job. I had three jobs last month and I think it’s encouraging.

Is it lucrative?

It depends on a model and her agency’s bargaining power. I think with me, I will say it’s encouraging.

What challenges do you go through?

It’s a bit competitive now. There are a lot of models and so you have to put every effort to be in the competition.

Who is your favourite designer? I don’t really have a favourite. So far as your dress looks good on me, I am ok. I am curvy, so I have to show it. Your dress must look good on me and it’s ok.

Have you rejected runway clothing before?

I like fitting dresses. I like something that will look good on me. If you give me a dress and I don’t like it or my heart is not in it, I will suggest we do something about it. It happened during one of the Exopa runway shows and I was given a long straight dress. There was no shape and I told the coordinator that I won’t wear that dress but she insisted. As a result when I was walking on the runway I wasn’t happy and everybody saw it. I always love to wear dresses that look good on me so I can advertise it well on the runway for the client.

How do you maintain your curvy shape?

I don’t do anything. It’s natural. I don’t gym. I actually started sometime ago but I stopped. Now I don’t do anything.

Who inspires what you do?

Tyra Banks inspires me a lot and secondly Oluchi Orlandi.

What about them inspires you?

Tyra Banks focuses on photo shoots. She has a unique smile and I always like to pick that thing from her. I love to watch her photo shoots, not runway stuff. When it comes to runway I admire Oluchi. One day, I will own Ghana’s Top Model franchise like Oluchi had Africa’s Top Model.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Barbara McCarthy, 22. I am a Fante from Cape Coast, precisely Saltpond. My mum is a Ga. I have an elderly sister. I graduated from Lister Professional Institute where I read Business Administration. I am going to continue at the Central University. Growing up, I wanted to be a bilingual secretary.

Why then did you go into modelling?

It is my passion. I have a supportive family. Before I started modelling, my mum and my sister always told me I have everything that people look up to in models. Till date my mum supports me. I tell her everything I do when I go to auditions and shows. Even when I don’t want to do an audition, she encourages me to go. That always motivates me. I have not planned quitting modelling.

What do you consider the most enjoyable part of modelling?

Being on the runway is enjoyable. Being on some of the big runway shows including Expression of Accra is enjoyable. There is some excitement in the fact that celebrated people and the public watch me on the runway. Not everyone would have that opportunity. I mean it feels good to be on the runway, big people would be watching you do your own thing. It’s a good feeling.