My Review On Papaye Restaurant

papaye-sMy Review on Papaye
Papaye restaurant is a very popular food joint in Accra that serves various  dishes and food services.Ok so I have been to their restaurant  several times and they are generally  good with services but these are some of the observation.
What to order; If you’re buying  a take away and you’re in a hurry  then order your food with fried chicken because  the grilled takes a longer time. If you’re also eating  in their restaurant  it’s the same with the time, you might have to wait for about 30  minutes  to get your grilled chicken.
Salad; they serve coselaw which has a good taste but sometimes sore because it is refrigerated. Its basically  carrots  with cabbage sliced in a pleasant  manner.
Shito; their pepper is in a sachet which is usually mild and taste good. Its not much so if you want to get every drop then open the sachet and use a spoon to scoop it out. They have extra if you want more than one sachet at a price.
Taste; their food varies and can’t  be certain because  at times it’s tasty and other times it just normal. Their food is generally  edible in assorted types.
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Monica  Otumfuor