My Worst Experience ! ! ! ! !

Regret-FreeI was late for class and I was walking  briskly  to my lecture  hall. As I entered the lecture  hall, the lecturer  gave me a stare like I was not serious  but I just looked and found myself a seat. I sat next to a guy and the stench coming from his body could give me a headache so I had to change my seat. I kept looking  at home in shock because  he looked very handsome. I was wondering  if he had a girlfriend  when the lecturer  drew my attention  to ask a question  and I was so lost he asked me to leave  the class. I was so pissed that this guy had succeded in making  me loose focus on the lecture.
I was walking  down the stairs  and a slipped and hit my ass hard on the cement. I closed my eyes and shouted out of fustration. I was about to get up when this same guy came to stand beside me to help me get up. He pulled me up and asked me where I was going. I looked at him in disbelief  and just walked on and he kept following me. He said ” the lecturer  sent me out so I want to spend the time with you”. I chuckled and walked to the library  and sat down, before I could settle this guy came to sit by me. The air condition made the scent worse so I burst  out in anger “you’re smelling so pls leave me alone. ”
He got up sadly and left the library  with a sad look on my face. After a while I went to my next  class and this guy still came to sit my me and I relocated whiles frowning  at him. As the lecture  went on he kept looking  in my direction  but  I gave a him a look which  made him look away.
I was applying  for a part time job  as writer  in a company and I was due for the interview . I were my favorite  skirt shoes with my designer shoes and bags. I did some simple makeup and went to their office. I entered  the interview  room with  so much expectations  when my nose smelled something  similar. I raised my head only to realize  my course mate with the stench  was the head of the panel. With shock in my eyes i walked out of the room with my head down to avoid any embarassment.

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Story ;

Monica  Otumfuor