Mzbel Confirms Pregnancy And Announces Her Long Leave

There have been much speculation and denials, but finally it is real, sultry singer, Mzbel, is pregnant and she can’t hide her joy about the news and her luck.

Confirming the news to Graphic Showbiz last Monday, Mzbel, real name, Nana Akua Amoah who is due early next year said she’s so thrilled about her situation that she is taking a long break off the stage to gingerly tread the road to motherhood. The next time she might be seen performing on stage will be in 2014.

Sporting a small baby bump and wielding a spit bottle in which she frequently spews unwanted saliva, Mzbel, 32, said she has to go on leave because performing while pregnant is taking a toll on her. The usually lively artiste said it took a great effort to finish a 30-minute act while performing at the just ended Ghanafest 2012 held in Pretoria, South Africa last Sunday.

“I have seen artistes such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and our own Sherifa Gunu perform while pregnant and I thought I could do it too but I must admit that it is not easy. I guess it is different strokes for different people.

“I was in Pretoria with Edem and Sherifa to perform at the Ghanafest 2012 and halfway through my performance, I became breathless. I realised it wasn’t easy singing, dancing and interacting with the audience and I have to take things easy. I have even cancelled a show scheduled for Liberia. I don’t think I can pull that through.

I have recorded four new songs to be relaesed this year but I have put them on hold.” “ Although I will not be performing for the next two years, it doesn’t mean I will be totally out of the limelight. I will attend events when I feel like it. My new video, I Swear will be released next week. I also have a reality show Mzbel and Family which will be aired on Metro TV when I’m done with shooting.

The 16 hit maker denied allegatons that she has been missing in action because she has found herslf pregnant out of wedlock. “ I don’t know where all this is coming from. Of course like every girl, my plan was to marry and have children but it didn’t happen but that doesn’t mean I should go into hiding. Rather, I am happy I will be adding another member to my family and my two adopted kids John,11, and Yullan,5, are excited about their little brother or sister. I don’t know the sex of the baby yet.

“ The last time I checked, the doctor said it might be a boy but I would want a girl. Girls, I think, are easier to handle. I will know the exact sex of my baby at my next visit to the doctor,” she said.
Mzbel would not say who the father of her baby is but she is just thrilled about becoming a mother. She concedes, however, that pregnancy is not a beautiful experience as many people have been touting it to be.

“Maybe it is just me but it is not a comfortable experience at all. I wish one could just have babies without carrying them for nine months in the womb. But I find it intriguing the way my tummy is gradually growing. That is very interesting.

“I don’t eat well or sleep well. I have become quick tempered and even when something is funny and everybody is laughing, I don’t see it as such. I love my palmnut soup with fufu, gari or rice but I can’t have it now. My craving now is for ‘iced kenkey’ and koobi although these two are food I hated before I got pregnant,” she added

Source: Adwoa Serwaa Bonsu/Graphic Showbiz