Mzbel fingers organizers for swerving Keri Hilson, Bow Wow concert

Songstress Nana Ekuah Amoah popularly known as Mzbel is unhappy about reports that she swerved a performance at the Saturday’s Stand Up GH concert which headlined Keri Hilson and Bow Wow at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre.

The musician failed to show up on stage when she was called to perform at the concert even though she was at the venue and her DJ had started playing her song on stage.

While many felt disappointed that the Saucy Girl singer did not turn up to treat them to some of her iconic sexy antics, others were quick to point accusing fingers at her for not being professional enough to put aside her challenges to perform for them.

Although she has love for her fans, her inability to perform on the night, she explained in an interview with, was because her dancers performed with almost all the artistes billed to perform on the night and they were not given enough time to change for hers.

“My dancer(s) performed with an artiste right before me and they were not done changing to perform with me. I asked for the running order to be adjusted and someone said I am rude…”

She said contrary to the contractual agreement which was agreed upon that her dancer will perform with music trio, Rana, she performed with virtually all the acts on the night with the exception of Chemphe.

She added due to a special dance routine that she had rigorously rehearsed for the show, she wouldn’t have been able to perform alone, “the three dancers were supposed to come on stage first.”

The 16 Years singer said initially, the organizers engaged one dancer but when it got to the turn of Buk Bak, two dancers, out of the three, were used when they knew she was going to perform right after Buk Bak.

She finally opted not to perform because the organizers “never released the dancers to get ready for me as agreed.”

Mzbel took the opportunity to apologize to her fans for not being able to perform on the night stating that she wanted to “give them a show not just miming … so when I realize the miscommunication was going to affect my show, I walked away because I believe they deserve better.”

When contacted Kwame Karikari, General Manager of Imajin Advertising, the event organizers, he refuted Mzbel’s claim and said contrary to Mzbel’s claim that two of her dancers, in all, performed with other artistes, it was only one.

Even that dancer, he explained, was contracted by Imajin Advertising as a dancer for the concert and not specifically for Mzbel.

Kwame Karikari noted that Mzbel was supposed to perform after Kaakie and due to her complaints; they decided to let the MCs for the show James Gardner and Nollywood actress Tontoh Dikeh to go on stage to introduce her just to give her dancer enough time to change for the performance.

This, he said, did not go down well with Mzbel and she subsequently left the venue. The organizers, he said, wondered “why she just walked off like that after all the rehearsal.”

He alleged that after that walkout, Mzbel came back 45 minutes later to apologize and requested for a different slot which was not possible.


Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu