Mzbel Has Made Me Proud…Panji Anoff

imagesCEO of Pidgen Music, Panji Anoff has added his voice to Mzbel’s biggest revelation so far. Panji Anoff has been a strong critic of the Christian religion and opposed to religious leaders and pastors “feeding” their belly with the hard earned money of their followers.

Panji, who was recently in the news to speak for equal rights and freedom for gays, says, MzBel has made him proud and it takes people who are enlightened to see through the “fakeness” of the Christian Faith. After posting an article about the richest pastors in the world, he shared the statement below to show support for MzBel’s stance.

Here’s a copy of Panji’s solidarity message.

“Mzbel you have made me proud. Enlightenment is frightening for someone that has always been told what to think. Mental slavery cannot last for ever. The Churches fooled the Europeans for hundreds of years and taxed them to the point of starvation, then one day they rose up and said “NO MORE”. Today all those churches are museums, night clubs, libraries, factories or have been demolished. Now, it is now our turn. Thank u for your courage.”