Nenebi Tony “Am An Afro Pop Poet”.

82098110   Nenebi Tony “Am An Afro Pop Poet”.
Poet and song writer Nenebi has said that he is an African poet as he released his two poems or songs on ampluzz. “Sandra Claus, Christmas in Kumasi” and “Me my selfie and eyes” by Nenebi with Mzbel.
Nenebi said he loves to write about women because  they are the last creation of God according  to the Bible. He believes  women are the most beautiful  creatures  on earth. He explained  that he likes to do poetry with rhythms.
Poetry is preferred  with melody that’s why  they made it into hiplife. He felt that adding rhythms will make his poems more enjoyable. Poetry  with rhythms has been widely accepted  and aids in  sending  across a message.
Nenebi explained that if poetry is recited  it’s called  music, Poetry  and music are used interchangeable  in literature.
Nenebi  argued that he was not a musician but he likes to male rhythms  along with his poem that makes it more pleasant.
Nenebi  claimed that he is an Afro Pop poet because  of the lyrics  and rhythms  he employs in Poetry.
He was advised to differentiate  his speech voice  and poetic voice by Willi Roi. He was also encouraged  to promote his music ” Christmas  in Kumasi ; Sandra  Claus”.

Story ;

Monica  Otumfuor

Culled  from  AM  Pluzz