New Akosua Adoma Owusu project stars An African City’s Esosa E

Esosa E

Esosa E

80787132Film maker Akosua Adoma Owusu’s new move is an interpretation of 1975 classic fashion-infused drama ‘Mahogany’ and stars An African City’s Esosa E as lead character.

Titled Mahogany Too, it examines and revives Diana Ross’ iconic portrayal of Tracy Chambers, a determined and energetic African-American woman enduring racial disparities while pursuing her dreams.

“While living in Ghana promoting Kwaku Ananse in 2013, I met Nigerian actress Esosa E at Makola Market, a popular market place and shopping district in the heart of Accra. I recognized Esosa from several of Kevin Jerome Everson’s avant-garde films. Our serendipitous encounter in Ghana and direct connection to Virginia, places where I consider home, called for a collaboration,” says Owusu who won ‘Best Short Film’ at the 2013 African Movie Academy Awards for ‘Kweku Ananse.
“Our mutual obsession with Diana Ross’ style and attraction to West African features inspired me to overcome the anxiety I felt around returning to analog filmmaking aesthetics. Our schedules eventually synced up across the Atlantic in Virginia, where Mahogany Too had its genesis.”

Mahogany Too uses analog film to achieve its vintage tones which emphasizes the essence of the character, re-creating Tracy’s qualities through fashion, modeling, and styling.

The movie is directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu, produced by her company, Obibini Pictures LLC with support from John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.