Obiba Sly Collins calls for peace as the country votes on Dec 7

Hi-Life musician, Obiba Sly Collins is calling for peace in the country before, during and after December 7 as the country goes to the polls to elect a new leader.

While Ghana’s democracy has been praised as being a shining example in Africa and the world at large, elections in the country usually turn out to be very nervy moments with tempers always at a boiling point.

In Sly Collins’ quest to support peace in the country during the elections, he has released a song, Yenmoa (Let us help) to help solidify his peace message and campaign.

The song was produced by Nationwide Development Company Limited, Swissasset Group of Companies, Kijani Commodity Fund and Ojez Entertainment Limited.

Meanwhile, the peace campaign, which will run throughout the electioneering period is being supported by Nationwide Development Company limited and Judi Consult.

Obiba Sly Collins, who is a businessman and a professional musician, has been an advocate of peace for several years using songs.


Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu