images The ever-audacious gospel musician, Nicholas Omane Acheampong, seem not to be too happy at the current state of Ghana and has added that God has withdrawn his hand on the nation because of our leaders who are corrupt and have compromised the truth.

“Sometimes when I hear some critics say people in showbiz should not talk about politics or engage in political discourse I don’t get it. Its beats my mind! Are we not human beings living in the same country? Whatever that is going on the country affects us too.”

“Some also say Christians should not engage in politics! Don’t our pastors vote? They do! So it means we all do politics. This country is made up of about 60% Christians – so if we in the Christian fraternity assert that it is not proper for us to share our opinions on political issues, then which people vote then?” Nicholas Omane Acheampong told Razz Newspaper.

What he begs to differ is partisan politics – which he is against. “I am against showbiz people or musicians openly professing their support for party A or B. I think as artistes, we should be seen as neutral and stand for the nation, so when we make our political colours or affiliations known, we turn to divide our fans. The fans lose confidence in us.”

“However, we should talk about the issues affecting the country and not focus on political parties because they come and go. Why should a nation like Ghana which God has specially planted in the center of planet earth and endowed with gold, diamond, manganese, timber, cocoa and finally oil, go begging to survive? Even toothpick we import! It’s a curse for a nation blessed with gold to beg,” he stated.

He further stated that, “Then nation is in a current messy state because of our leaders who have compromised the truth. They are corrupt! From the top to the bottom! They are all corrupt! They all don’t tell the truth – I’m referring to all of them, not this current President alone.”

According to Nicholas: “God told me to tell the nation that he, God, is the truth so once our leaders have embraced lies and betrayed the truth, he has withdrawn his hands from the nation, hence the current state of the nation. So currently, Ghana is on its own – no support from God. But, he says if our leaders will practice truthful character, he will come to our aid.”

The ‘Zaphenath Panea’ hit maker also revealed that, since Ghana is situated in the middle of the earth, if any fight erupts due to some economic hardship, it has a strong potency of spreading to many countries.

He also admitted that his latest song Akua 1957 has a strong political undertone but he care less whatever meaning people read into it.

“Even the Ama Ghana that we call Ghana is wrong because the 6th of March is a Wednesday and not a Saturday. Many people don’t know! The video is coming soon! I don’t care whether some see it as a political song or not! At the end of the day, the message must go out for all to hear and see,” he concluded.