Paul Is Lazy- Peter Of P-square Reveals

imagesAward winning music duo P- Square are known for their choreography in their videos as well as the good music they release from time to time, but recently Paul has not been seen dancing like his brother Peter in music videos, Peter has always done the major dancing in their music videos. 

The twins have revealed the reason for this in a recent interview on Beat FM. Peter said Paul is being lazy and nothing else. In his words “It’s not that Paul cannot dance, he’s just lazy. The other day, we booked a 7-hour photo session and by the first hour, Paul was already tired”

Paul also concord to what Peter said about his laziness and said he is afraid to break his bones that’s why he doesn’t like doing the dancing part in their videos.

“It’s true. I don’t like all the gra gra dance, I’m always afraid that I’ll break my bones” he said amidst general laughter. “I prefer the cool moves like that ‘Do Me’ dance”