PHOTO: Afia Schwar Finally Exposes Mysterious Man She Was Caught In Bed With In Her Cheating Scandal

Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger was involved in a sex scandal last year when her estranged husband caught her red handed in their matrimonial bed with another man.

It therefore became the greatest desire of many to know the identity of the man who was so courageous to sleep with a married woman in her matrimonial home.

Many journalists and writers tried their best to uncover the mysterious man in the video which went viral.

However, tried as they did, no one was able to discover the man as Afia did well to hide his identity from the public.

Luckily for that man, the room was dark, and his dark complexion saved him, so we didn’t get to see his face in the video. He also managed to run out of the room, with a blanket covering his face. However, the only hint he left everyone was his bald hair and mustache.

Surprisingly or not, the mysterious man in Afia Schwar’s sex scandal has popped up. How?, Well, it seems after what Moesha Boduong said in her inter with CNN, Afia has gathered the courage to showcase her ‘man’ to the world.

Afia Schwarzenegger herself has recorded and shared a video in which proudly introduces the mysterious man as her ”Baby’.

“Hi girls, this is my baby, you guys have been looking for the guy in the video, you’re looking at him,” she said and later goes ahead and throws a jab at Moesha.