Photos of Ghanaian journalist’s wedding in Hare Krishna Temple causes stir on social media

Entertainment journalist Osarfo Anthony made headlines over the weekend with his beautiful wedding to his wife Badu as they tied the knot with an “Indian-themed” Hare Krishna wedding.
The journalist and his wife who are both members of the Hare Krishna Church in Ghana were seen in photos and videos at their nuptials at a well-attended ceremony.

The wedding was attended by many colleague journalists and big names in the entertainment industry including movie producer, Socrates Sarfo.

The couple were seen in a video being joined together o Holy Matrimony by one of the leaders. Some of the marriage customs were performed with the couple joining in as and when needed.
The couple were assisted by two others who were kneeling and were also reciting verses from the Holy Scriptures.
The wedding which was held in Accra saw the guests of the wedding seated around tables and enjoyed the ceremony.
The couple were dressed in colorful “Indian-themed” fabrics and were seen beaming with smiles when the ceremony came to a close.

Osarfo Anthony and his new bride were later spotted holding hands as they were presented to the guests who were present at their wedding.