Praye without Choirmaster is dumb – Mr Logic

Praye-Jacket-Rmx-Ft-Hiplife-Allstars-www-loudsoundgh-com_-mp3-imagePraye without Choirmaster is dumb – Mr Logic
Dancehall  promoter Mr..Logic  has said that if Eugene  popularly known as choirmaster  is the face of the group so without  him the group is dumb. He said this during  a discussion on the group;Praye on AM Pluzz. According  to Mr.Logic the other two members  are rappers and need the Choirmaster  to sing on their songs to make a hit. He cited example  of their songs which featured  majorly the choirmaster  like “angelina”

The trio group known as Praye made up of Kente, Cartel Big J and Choirmaster. The trio had a split and ever since then haven’t  been able to make a hit on their own. They have released songs individually but  have not been able to match the standard  of their group.
Two members  of the group; Cartel Big J and Kente have decided  to come back as Praye to regain  their  fame and standard  in the music industry. There have been complications  in adding  up the 3rd member of the group  Choirmaster  because of a 5 year management  deal he has signed. Choir master’s management  has refused to let him go to join the group.

Story;Monica  Otumfuor

Culled  from AM Pluzz