Reggie Rockstone: I’m proud of Efya, Sarkodie and Fuse ODG

imagesIn an interview with Melvina Frimpong Manso host of Showbiz 971 on Suncity Radio 97.1 over the weekend, the Grandpapa of Hiplife Reginald Osei popularly known as Reggie Rockstone says he does not mind people offering them constructive criticisms for their work but, they will not accept criticisms just for the sake of criticizing. When he was asked what the VVIP makes of sound engineer Roro’s assertion that, the tones for the song were misrepresented and carelessly used which makes the final work noisy.

Rockstone said if Roro had shared his thoughts on the song with them, it would have been okay rather than jumping to the media. “I brought this game to Ghana and named it Hiplife, and that has given guys like Roro a job, so I know what I’m doing” The CEO of the Django Bar asked, “when was the last time you heard about him?

He has produced about 4 singles for Promzy a former member of V.I.P ever since he left the group, where are the songs? Have you heard the songs? He alleged that he suspects foul play.

“Ever since “Selfie” was released about 15 days goes, it is trending worldwide on Twitter he added.”

Reggie Rockstone the latest addition to VVIP said the song will be remixed soon with some of the greatest music acts the world has ever produced the likes of WYCLEF JEAN, BEENIEMAN, FUSE ODG, and some Nigerian acts.

Being a very proud Grandpapa, Reggie was quick to say how happy he was for Efya, Sarkodie and Fuse ODG to be nominated for the World Music Awards and the fact that, Efya is billed to perform on the big stage and sees it as a great endorsement for the music scene in Ghana.