REKX Records makes debut

rekx boiz

The group has three female artistes amongst the 10. They are the REKX GIRLZ. Two of which are rappers namely Kierra and Raki. Kierra currently resides in Maryland Baltimore and represents the American wing of REKX . The third female Jeepha is a singer. The rest 7 of the artistes are males and are called REKX BOIZ. 3 of which are singers and 4 are rappers. Artistes like Twist Buck and Khelvyn Blaqmore are singers too as well as Jay Rehmi, a rapper as well as a highlife, dancehall and a singer. The synergy between the older ones in the group who saw the 90s music industry successes and the generation X and Y artistes modern approach to music form the backbone of success of the REKX Record Label.