Rick Ross reveals how he proposed to fiancee

imagesSpeaking on the Breakfast Club radio show yesterday, Rick Ross talked about his recent engagement to former stripper, Lira Galore. Below are the highlights from the interview which aired today;

On his engagement to Lira Galore: “Nah, we not married yet.” On if they have a wedding date set yet: “Nah, we don’t.” On how he proposed to Lira: “Here go the biggest ring in the store ya dig. Now lets go to Buddakan. Nah, I ain’t get down on one knee.”

Lira On being so open with this relationship: “When you vibe with somebody, you can’t fake it.” On Lira’s mom poppin’ back at haters who said Rick Ross was cheating on her daughter: “My mom is OD trill. Very blunt.”


On a reality show:“Rozay don’t have no reality show.” On his MMG artist Meek Mill beefing with his homie Drake: “I think this is what’s good for the culture. You will have scrimmages going for that No. 1 spot. I really feel like they were two little homies coming home from high school fighting over a pair of Jordans. I’m excited over the new music he’s making.

On the tweet he supposedly sent out supporting Drake during his beef with Meek: “That was a fake tweet”

On his beef with 50 Cent: “I just feel homie a shallow, weak dude. I would probably be in my emotions as well if my first album was titled Get Rich Or Die Trying and I filed bankruptcy. I guess his kidneys failed [laughs].”

On his baby mama Lastonia Leviston winning $5 million after suing 50: “Most definitely useful. It’s always about the team and whatever the team bring to the table it’s most definitely appreciated.