Sala Premieres “Need You Now” Video

230126089_810159After months of hard work and determination, singer, actor, model and songwriter Salamatu Yakubu known in showbiz as “Sala” has successfully sent forth her long awaited video of her song “Need You Now” -another good work from the management giants Paradise Entertainment that will click Ghana and Africa as a whole to the next level.

This happened over the weekend inside the Tantra Night club at Osu with the effort of EmbellezeRIO, the product that will help our ladies to create innovative beauty at the premiere.

The venue was star-studded with the likes of 4×4, Guru and the Empire Entertainment Crew, VIP, Kwaisey Pee, John Paintsil, Kafui Danku, Becca, Double, Puffy Tee, R2bees, Lynx Family, among others made their ways to the venue to grace Sala’s video premiere .

After her stage performance with the track “Kasa Low” featuring Puffy Tee, from Nigeria, the “Need You Now” video popped out for the first time and to the first people in the building and more over anybody close to Sala could note her level of happiness that night.

She really exacted much effort to come out with this great video to the world in a comment she said “I would thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for making my video premiere a success” she added.

Gifts from the main sponsors “Embellezerio” went out to any lady who could at least sing just a lyrical line in any of Sala’s songs.