Sala Premieres New Music Video

Sala, one of Ghana’s hottest afro pop music icons whose presence in the music industry successfully pulled a string of stars from the world of music, film, television and sports to the much anticipated premiere of her latest music video for ‘Need You’ at the Tantra Night Club in Accra last week.

The video launch attracted a large number of music fans, a section of the stakeholders in the music industry as well as some celebrities including Kwaisey Pee, John Paintsil and a host of others.

The video serves as a prelude to Sala’s album which is expected to be out later this year.

Sala whose live band musical performances and music videos have won the hearts of many music fans in Ghana, told BEATWAVES that she believed in doing something extraordinary to satisfy her fans.

Sala’s new music video which is yet to show on MTV Base is motivating and soul-touching, the rhythms and beats in her songs could easily compete with those on the international music market.

At the music video launch held at the Tantra Night Club to officially introduce her video and song to her fans, Sala, who looked determined to win glory internationally, promised a journey of no return, adding that her unique style and the zeal to achieve will get her there.

Sala’s blend of music style is with the intention to create a setting for a fantastic interactive communication between her fans and herself.

Sala has a story to tell through her music, and she is not just a singer but a musical entertainer. When she is on the stage, Sala can become who ever the crowd wants her to be.

There is nothing or no one out there that will be able to stop her from being the multi-talented artiste she wants to be.

It is a clear fact that she has won over a generous fan base as a singer and looks like American singer Ciara.

Sala, within a couple of months, has released over four music videos which include ‘Falling’ and ‘Fakyeme.

The ‘Falling’ and ‘Fakye Me’ music videos, currently being aired on local television networks, are carefully packaged not only for the local market and African continent, but for the entire world.

In a short time, Sala already has proven that she has the ability to make hit songs.

By George Clifford Owusu