Samini Punches P-Square Over Alingo Dance

636747823_255171Ghanaian music icon Emmanuel Andrew Samini has thrown what could be described as lyrical punches at popular Nigerian duo P-Square over its creation of ‘Alingo Dance’.

The multiple award-winning Ghanaian musician seemed to be suggesting that P-Square had stolen Ghana’s Azonto dance and made it Alingo dance.

Samini is apparently not happy with the group because he thinks its Alingo is an adaptation of Ghana’s Azonto. However, he created the impression that the duo had shamefully failed to admit it.
For Samini, Alingo was clearly Azonto dance steps.

“The name sounds like Azonto, the dance kinda looks like Azonto, so try show me something I don’t know,” Samini interestingly said in his sample version of P-Square’s popular song, Alingo which originally came with the Alingo dance. “I see that you are dancing Azonto, so what is Alingo?

Are you dancing Azonto or Alingo? What is Alingo? I see that you dancing Azonto, that is Azonto,” he added. The new song was recorded by Ephraim and had been circulating for some time now, according to sources but NEWS-ONE chanced upon it this week. Samini described P-Square as his “guys” but he would not hesitate to tell them the truth.
Both Samini and P-Square have shared several stages in Ghana in the past, obviously making them friends.

However, with the latest turn of events, it is likely their relationship would not be the same. Many Ghanaian entertainment enthusiasts, fans and social commentators had always argued that Alingo was Azonto.

P. Square

Currently, Samini is the only Ghanaian musician who has boldly come out to treat the topic by answering P-Square via music. Critiques say it will be nice for Ghana’s music industry if musicians could be blunt on issues like Samini has been.

“They should be able to use their music to speak their mind on other issues affecting society.” Meanwhile, the new song is reportedly receiving a lot of download on some social networks and also circulating on BlackBerry.

Source: News One