Sarkodie reacts on bank corrupt issue

Ghanaian well-known rapper, Sarkodie
Neighborhood Banks managed by the Bank of Ghana are right now enduring as investors are pulling back their monies regularly.
The extractions are because of the union of six banks into one bank and the dread that their monies will be bolted up.
Sarkodie, Ghana’s master of rap star who swims into each issue of national premium has requested that Ghanaians trust in the nearby banks with the goal for them to develop.
As per him, individuals ought not pull back their monies due to frenzy and dread that the banks will vanish.
‘Observing what’s happening inside the banking sector, I think we need a lot more education on how the banks work so we don’t take actions that can collapse our local banks.’
‘Take over of UT didn’t affect funds in there … all that changed was account details and cheque books and thats worse case scenario when it’s been regulated by BOG.’
‘Banks don’t keep our monies sitting there waiting for us to withdraw they work with it but it’s safe … No need for the panic withdrawals all of a sudden.’